Letter: Lose-lose situation in B.G.



The July 2 Columbian story reported, “B.G. cuts two jobs to fund retirement.” Apparently, school superintendents are paid to stay and paid to go away, a typical lose-lose situation for taxpayers. It would be interesting to hear how Battle Ground Public Schools can manage without the two retiring “top administrators” if they actually performed necessary work. Clearly, whatever they did was superfluous, but one has to find departing Superintendent Shonny Bria’s near half-million dollar going-away gift somewhere. (Many Americans probably don’t accumulate that sum in their entire lifetime).

It seems Bria will not be replaced until 2014, which demonstrates that she, too, is superfluous. A spokesperson says, “We want the new superintendent to build an administration.” Position packed? Leaving these three “positions” unfilled saves near a half a million dollars per year. I am sure I could save much more simply by observing each administrator to determine how many minutes of actual work they do each day. This used to be called “work study” half a century ago and was standard management practice out in the real world. Yet some will insist these positions are needed, even after demonstrating otherwise. Civil “servants” indeed.

Richard Willerton