Letter: Does course content favor gender?



There is apparently a gender bias hidden within the curriculum of the various Clark County high schools. Each year, The Columbian publishes announcements of the scholarship winners from each Clark County high school. In last year’s publications, the ratio of scholarship winners by gender was two-to-one in favor of the female students.

The series has begun again this year with the announcement of Skyview High School’s winners in the July 17 “Spotlight on youth” and the ratio appears to be the same, two female winners for every single male winner. Among this year’s female winners, only one in six was awarded a scholarship based on athletic performance, while the ratio among the male scholarship winners was one in three.

Female students appear to be outperforming male students at a significant rate.

While I am happy for the success of female students, I have to say that it appears that there is something wrong with the curriculum and/or the way it is presented that is biased in favor of the female students and against male students.

Schools should be working to develop a curriculum that is gender neutral.

Raising the academic performance of male students while maintaining that of female students would be of benefit to all students.

Phil McMichael