Vancouver man convicted of rape

Jury turned to reduced charge for defendant acquitted in Oregon case




A Clark County jury convicted a Vancouver man Friday of raping a female acquaintance in May 2011.

Cody J. Dornbirer, 23, was found guilty of third-degree rape, a lesser charge than what the prosecution sought. The jury of eight men and four women could not reach a verdict on other charges of second-degree rape and indecent liberties.

This was Dornbirer’s second rape trial in less than two years.

In June 2012, a jury in Coos County, Ore., acquitted him of first-degree rape, first-degree sex abuse and first-degree unlawful penetration in October 2011 of a fellow student at Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay.

In the Vancouver case, the 27-year-old victim allowed Dornbirer to stay the night at her Vancouver home on May 28, 2011, after an evening out with mutual friends. While she spoke to a friend on the phone, Dornbirer took the phone from her and wouldn’t give it back, according to court documents. When she tried to retrieve it, he pushed her onto her bed and pinned her down, court documents said. Despite her repeated requests to stop, he raped her, the court documents say.

The Coos Bay student alleged that Dornbirer walked into her dorm room on Oct. 22, 2011, while she was sleeping, pulled her out of bed, put her in his car and drove her to his dorm building. Then he forced her into his dorm room and raped her, the woman alleged.

Dornbirer is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 23.