Letter: CRC flaws delay progress



We desperately need a new bridge to replace the old, dangerous and almost nonefficient structures we have on Interstate 5. Bridge lift delays cost commuters and businesses time and money.

Because of the incompetence of the Columbia River Crossing, replacing this old relic is not going to happen anytime soon. They didn’t understand that the population of Clark County is slightly to the right of center when it comes to political and fiscal philosophy. They didn’t listen to the community.

Light rail has been turned down many times at the ballot box, but the CRC insisted it was going to be part of the project. Light rail is probably 10 to 15 years too early for this community to swallow. The CRC spent $170 million of taxpayer money to study and plan for this bridge. After spending such a large sum, the bridge height was too low. How could that possibly happen? That just gave fodder to the bridge opponents at every turn.

No wonder the project has been flushed down the murky waters of the Columbia River.

Blame should be laid all around. Thousands of jobs to build it and businesses moving here are now lost. Now we are all the losers.

Lynn Brown