Letter: Do we really trust these people?



Did anyone pay close attention to July 17 story “Documents reveal effort to reduce opposition to port oil plan,” regarding a proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver.

Tesoro and Savage, the companies we are supposed to trust for their integrity in providing careful construction and management of the proposed oil terminal, stated “implementation of this plan will occur prior to any public notice or the filing of permit applications in order to encourage early collaborative stakeholder communication, garner support for the Project, and reduce the risk of potential opposition.”

Frankly, this sort of subversion raises many, many red flags. Before they’ve even begun, they have tipped their hand, indicating how they don’t play fair. Are these the people we’re supposed to trust with 380,000 barrels of crude per day?

It is popular to shout “jobs! jobs! jobs!” But would the 120 positions be filled with people from Vancouver, or their own pre-trained staff? Even if all the employees came from Vancouver, is it worth our safety? Is it worth possible pollution of the Columbia River?

Is it worth 118 train cars passing through Vancouver? I think there are more promising and more honorable ways to employ 120 people in this community.

Sally Sellers