Talking Points: Gulls! Everywhere gulls!


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Photo Gallery

What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Even the sea gulls are throwing the struggling San Francisco Giants for a loss this year.

Giants officials trying to find humane solution to the worsening onslaught of the birds at home games are stumped, the San Jose Mercury News reported Saturday.

The gulls have routinely showed up at the end of night games since the park along San Francisco Bay opened in 2000. But it appears an increasing number of birds are crashing night games this year, bothering players, workers and fans alike.

Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford said batters are well aware of the birds.

“You’re focused on the pitcher,” he said. “But you definitely notice them.”

Biologists said they don’t know how the sea gulls time their arrival for the end of games to feast on discarded hot dogs, popcorn and other food.

“They are incredibly intelligent animals,” said biologist Russ Bradley, a sea gull specialist. “Unless you want to build a dome, there’s no easy answer.”


We’d like to give the Seahawks a shout out for including Vancouver on their 12 Tour.

It’s no secret we are often thought of as being a part of Oregon, but Southwest Washington has its fair share of 12th Man faithful.

Be sure to check out the photo galleries on The Columbian’s website from the Seahawks visit. Also visit and see the videos shot by the team from the weekend events. You might just see yourself.


Portland Trail Blazers’ Thomas Robinson got a shoutout from’s Rob Mahoney, who put Robinson on his list of “Five surprises from the Las Vegas Summer League.”

Some of what Mahoney wrote included: “He put a lot into his rebounding on the summer-league stage. … Robinson did a great job of extending vertically to sky over the rebounding scrum, which bodes well for his chances of creating value on the glass. It’s his work on the glass that will earn him the playing time necessary to bring along his other skills.”

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