Letter: Are BPA’s towers even necessary?



For years Clark County homeowners have been subjected to unilateral action by Bonneville Power Administration, which has told them it must build 15-story electrical towers on homeowner land. This campaign has threatened citizens with reduced real estate values and possible health hazards.

Now BPA is under investigation by a U.S. agency, the inspector general, for employee incompetency in 65 percent of the cases audited. The new CEO and assistant were walked out of the building by federal investigators.

A “remedial plan” is in work. This sounds a lot like the “mitigation plan” BPA implements after damage to the environment caused by electrical towers.

What is going on? Should we allow an agency with such a report card to dig up the beautiful countryside? Do we even need the towers?

Clark County commissioners should step up and defend their constituents. No clear justification has ever been presented for these towers.

Are they even needed?

George Dill