Letter: Crucial questions remain



Now that the decision has been made regarding a new bridge, will the folks who were so outraged in their opposition be as outspoken in opposing the coming riverfront development west of the Quay? Won’t these new, overpriced dwellings and shopping outlets take away business from our already struggling downtown merchants?

Now that the Voting Rights Act has been effectively dismantled for many individuals, will those in support of this change work to be sure everyone is represented fairly and openly during our next voting cycle, throughout the country?

Now that our stock market, commodities and housing sales are rebounding and several major banks show substantial increases in their profit this year, will those individual institutions and individuals within them actually face the consequences of their actions for the last five and a half years of recession?

Now that I am moving into my retirement years, will I hear Americans begin, once again, to value the work our citizens perform in their chosen professions? Or will the continuous drone of anti-worker, anti-education, anti-critical thinking continue on as it has for the last 40 years?

I believe in the future but I suspect the answers to my questions are becoming clearer with each passing day.

Randy Cate