Letter: More bridges relieve congestion



The July 20 story “Backup on the bridge” reports a group of lawmakers have asked to “put forward a plan that both meets the needs of the region.” In previous stories, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has clearly stated Interstate 5 is over-congested with $41 billion worth of freight in 2012 and 2013, and by 2030 this freight will increase to $71 billion, in just 17 years, which will increase I-5 congestion. I believe the five-mile replacement of the Columbia River bridge would have had no effect on removing the I-5 congestion.

Population growth in Clark County and other southern Washington counties bordering on Oregon has amplified the need for an additional bridge or bridges crossing the Columbia River, partly by this population growth contributing to increased congestion on the I-5 corridor. Additional bridges are a very sensible need and should not cost $170 million in planning by any committee.

I urge the construction of a third and even fourth bridge. As a voting citizen I support construction of additional bridges. Our state legislators were very wise not supporting the failed Columbia River Crossing project as it would not have solved the I-5 congestion problem.

Frank H. Funk