Letter: Really bad ideas getting aired



Hoo boy … in the aftermath of the Columbia River Crossing, there have been some good ideas and some really bad ideas.

The really, really bad idea is Clark County Commissioner David Madore’s recommendation that we forget about the Interstate 5 Bridge and build a third bridge at 192nd Avenue. Apparently, he either forgets, ignores or disregards the massive infrastructure that would be necessary to connect said bridge to …ummm, where?

I suppose we could build a new freeway, cutting through and destroying one of the most vital economic areas in both Clark and Multnomah counties. Or maybe one could somehow connect it with state Highway 14 and then somehow expand said highway to twice its size.

His recommendation is similar to all his ideas: parks, development fees, appointment of an incompetent to be in charge of county environment: the natural consequences of those actions is inevitably a series of costly failures.

Mike Spence