Letter: Value in granting tribe’s enterprises



Regarding justified opposition to the Cowlitz Tribe’s casino, reverse discrimination, and American values, we white European Christians discriminated against Native Americans (more appropriately America’s “Original People”) with bullets, syphilis and smallpox. And Christian schools killed their culture with our European values. We immigrants of all races, religions, and cultures swarmed to America and eventually made it the great country it is, but at a cost to many races, religions, and cultures. We regarded the Original People the same as natives from Africa we European immigrants imported — as less than human. The first slaves in America were the Original People from the 13 colonies.

The Christian founders of these United States created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Yet today far too many of we European immigrants act any way other than Christian toward the Original People and African-Americans, and others with skin color not our own.

The only point worth considering is that the Cowlitz didn’t meet Lewis and Clark here. The Chinook tribe, which federal recognition was reversed by the last president, did.

A casino seems little cost to pay for what we did to the Original People.

Jim Comrada