Fishing report, July 25




Summer steelhead fishing continues to building the lower Columbia River with better catches from Vancouver to Longview for bank anglers and from Woodland down to Buoy 10 for boat anglers.

The Green, Kalama, Toutle and Washougal rivers will open to fishing for salmon beginning Aug. 1. Hatchery fall Chinook and hatchery coho may be retained. On the Kalama and Washougal rivers, stationary gear rules will no longer be in effect.

Beginning Aug. 1, any Chinook or coho may be retained at Drano Lake, and any Chinook may be retained in the Klickitat River.

Like last year, anglers will be allowed to retain up to six adult hatchery coho on all tributaries to the lower Columbia River with hatchery programs. Those rivers include the Cowlitz, Deep, Elochoman, Grays (including West Fork), Kalama, Klickitat, Lewis (including North Fork), Toutle (including Green and North Fork) and Washougal.

Buoy 10 will be open for Chinook and hatchery coho Aug. 1 to Sept. 1. Anglers will have a two-salmon daily limit, only one of which may be a Chinook.

The mainstem Columbia River from the Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to Bonneville Dam will be open for Chinook (adipose fin clipped or not) and hatchery coho but close for sockeye beginning Aug. 1. Anglers will be allowed to retain one adult Chinook as part of their two adult salmonid daily limit.

Effective Aug. 1, anglers in the Camas Slough may fish with two poles with a Two-Pole Endorsement. Effort and catches are light in the Bonneville Pool. Night closure will be in effect for salmon and steelhead beginning Aug. 1.

Lower Columbia — Estuary, 51 bank rods with five steelhead kept, plus seven released; 30 boaters with 22 steelhead kept, plus 14 released.

Cathlamet, 63 bank rods with 12 steelhead kept and five released; 16 boaters with three steelhead kept and four released.

Longview, 323 bank rods with 39 steelhead and one sockeye kept, plus 36 steelhead released; 1159 boaters with 43 steelhead kept and 69 released; two boaters with three sublegal, one legal and one oversize sturgeon released.

Kalama, 209 bank rods with 20 steelhead kept, plus 50 steelhead, one adult chinook and one chinook jack released; 119 boaters with 22 steelhead kept and 39 released.

Woodland, 295 bank rods with 34 steelhead kept, plus 58 steelhead and one chinook jack released; 53 boaters with 13 steelhead kept and 21 released; three boaters with one sublegal sturgeon released; five boaters with four Walleye kept.

Vancouver, 176 bank rods with 21 steelhead kept, plus 43 steelhead and one adult chinook released; 92 boaters with seven steelhead kept, plus 25 steelhead and one chinook jack released; five boaters with seven sublegal sturgeon released.

Section 3, 71 bank rods with 8 steelhead kept, plus 16 steelhead and one sockeye released; 32 boaters with one steelhead kept and one released; two boaters with no Walleye caught.

Camas/Washougal, 69 bank rods with two steelhead kept, plus 11 steelhead and two sockeye released; 35 boaters with two steelhead kept and five released; 13 boaters with four walleye kept.

Bonneville, 188 bank rods with nine steelhead kept, plus 59 steelhead, two adult chinook and one chinook jack released.

Mid-Columbia — The Dalles pool, three bank rods with 20 sublegal sturgeon released; nine boaters with 52 sublegal and one oversized sturgeon released; 14 banks rods with one wild steelhead released; four boaters with two Walleye kept and four released; four boaters with 50 bass released.