Seattle cop arrested for alleged cyberstalking



SEATTLE — A Seattle police detective was arrested Thursday on suspicion of cyberstalking a woman and stealing her identity after their relationship soured.The 43-year-old detective was taken into custody by his colleagues at Seattle police headquarters downtown. He cooperated and surrendered his badge and gun, spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said.

“This is something no one ever wants to do, which is to investigate your own colleague,” Whitcomb said.

The name of the detective, who is a 17-year veteran, was not immediately released, pending his booking into Snohomish County jail.

According to Whitcomb, the events that led to his arrest began last week when the woman confronted the detective about their relationship in front of his family. As retaliation, the detective created a Facebook page purporting to be her and included “salacious” pictures of the woman.

Whitcomb did not comment on whether the relationship was an affair.

After the woman saw the page, she filed a complaint with the Seattle Office of Professional Accountability, saying the page caused her “fear and embarrassment.” An investigation was opened.

Whitcomb also said investigators are reviewing allegations that the detective assaulted the woman during the July 17 confrontation.

The detective is on paid leave, Whitcomb said, but that would change to unpaid leave if a felony charge is filed.

The case will be turned over to Snohomish County prosecutors.