Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Bellinger, Rebecca Jean and Jeromy E. Woman's name changed to Samuelson.

Hord, Shailenea and Sibold, Skylar.

Hudson, Amber D. and Joseph W. Woman's name changed to DeeMoser.

Newton, Mary Jo and Newton Sr., Chester A.

Samwell, Elizabeth and Hanson, Kyle.

Smith, Jason and Hibbs, David.

Smith, Keith Thomas and Sharon M.


Bowers, Michael E. and Shelley E.

Chapman III, Samuel and Thompson, Jasmine Amaris.

Christenson, Jeffrey Jerome and Laurie Ann.

Cox, Susanne and Steven R.

Ensworth, Russell Lyman and Karen Anne.

Holm, Jared M. and Ashley A.

Kasziewicz, Anthony Gene and Cochran, Jeremy James.

Knapp, Amy Eileen and Joshua Allen.

Johnson, Kristin L. and John S.

Maynard, Kellene Lu and Scott David.

McFarland, Jennifer R. and McFarland II, Thomas R.

Pluard, Jason Mathew and Erin Chritine.

Richardson, Melissa Ann and David Byron.

Rohrbach, Bill A. and Barbara A.

Ryan, William J. and Anna Mary.

Snow, Clifford T. and Casey L.

Swift, Jennifer A. and Mathew C.

Yudin, Anna N. and Nikolay Y.


Eaton, David and Amy.

Marriage licenses


Stassens, Madison Joyce, 23, Vancouver, and Ketcham, Sean Michael, 33, Vancouver.

Zolotko, Nicholas Scott, 26, Vancouver, and Horn, Brittany Justine, 24, Portland.

Criss, Kyle Joseph, 24, Garland, Texas, and Smith, Charles Dakoto, 26, Garland, Texas.

Soraghan, Rita Josephine, 41, Portland, and Aguilar, Celeste Joy, 42, Portland.

Coulter, Patricia Ann, 57, Battle Ground, and Waller, Jean Weil, 56, Battle Ground.

Wells, Deborah Elaine, 61, Battle Ground, and Hazard, Sandra Marie, 66, Battle Ground.

Wolle, Breanna Michelle, 19, Vancouver, and Henderson, Matthew John, 23, Vancouver.

McBride, Kristina Leanne, 36, Portland, and Ragan, Alex McCarty, 38, Vancouver.

Platt, Andrea Lee, 42, Beaverton, Ore., and Leonard, Kelly Renee, 35, Beaverton, Ore.

Johnson, Laqueela Marie, 31, Vancouver, and Eubanks, George Thomas, 43, Vancouver.

Mcconnell Sr., Gary Edward, 68, Wilsonville, Ore., and Story, Neva Wray, 63, Wilsonville, Ore.

Worland, Kathleen Stena, 24, Vancouver, and Nasca, Derrik Anthony, 28, Vancouver.

Salsberry, Karleen Elizabeth, 30, Washougal, and Parkison, Ryon Michael, 28, Washougal.

Kirby, Haleigh Elizabeth, 25, Estacada, Ore., and Cepurno III, Edward George, 32, Estacada, Ore.

Hess, Bjorn Anders, 28, Vancouver, and Jenkins, Emily Nancy, 26, Vancouver.

Grendahl, Scott Lynn, 42, Vancouver, and Bitzer, Katherine Marie, 39, Vancouver.

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