Short track skaters, US Speedskating end dispute



KEARNS, Utah (AP) — A group of short track skaters who filed a grievance claiming U.S. Speedskating was incapable of carrying out its financial and managerial requirements as a governing body has reached a resolution of the dispute.

Under the terms of the settlement announced Friday, U.S. Speedskating has agreed to undertake specific measures designed to increase transparency, improve its internal grievance process and strengthen future team selection procedures.

U.S. Speedskating also says it will continue to review its conflict of interest policies to ensure that the best people serve in governance positions. Under recently adopted bylaws, U.S. Speedskating will elect a new board of directors, including four independent members, who will take office on July 1, 2014.

In return, the short track skaters will voluntarily dismiss their complaint with prejudice.