State seeks comment on pole plant cleanup



The state Department of Ecology is seeking comments on a proposed plan continuing a years-long cleanup effort on an old wood treating site at the Port of Ridgefield.

Pacific Wood Treating operated at the port between 1964 and 1993. When the facility closed, it left large areas of soil and groundwater contaminated with chemicals used to treat and preserve wood.

The subsequent cleanup, spanning more than a decade, included an elaborate steam injection system designed to remove pollutants from the ground. The state has provided more than $70 million for the cleanup.

The ecology department has proposed extending a soil cap to cover remaining pollutants. The new plan also aims to address contaminated sediments in the Lake River and Carty Lake.

Officials are seeking comment through Aug. 23 on four cleanup documents, available online at The documents can also be reviewed in person at the Ridgefield Library, 210 N. Main Ave, or the Ecology Department’s regional office in Lacey.