Letter: Heed warnings from experts



Citizens, the Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council, and Gov. Jay Inslee should reject the Tesoro-Savage oil terminal proposal endorsed by the Port of Vancouver commissioners. All should heed:

1) Keith Stewart’s (Greenpeace Canada) warnings about how fracked Bakken shale oil from North Dakota differs from traditional crude, and is much more dangerous and explosive.

2) U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Stewart, and others’ warnings about the major inadequacies of DOT-111 railroad tank cars for transporting Bakken shale oil and other hazardous materials, and their vulnerability to puncture during derailment.

3) The Post Carbon Institute, Energy Policy Forum, and others’ assessments of the nonsustainable, short-term, shale oil bubble that Bakken oil represents (and that all fracked shale oil and gas represents — see http://shalebubble.org).

4) The incredibly low and getting lower “energy return on investment” of fracked shale oil and tar sands diluted bitumen,or dilbit, and incredibly high emissions and environmental and other destruction produced by such extreme fossil fuels. Dilbit also differs from conventional oil. See http://insideclimatenews.org for the differences, and threats dilbit would pose if transported via rail to the Port of Vancouver.

Joe Miller