Letter: GOP refuses to focus on solutions



Wouldn't it be nice if the Republican Party tried to help Americans instead of wasting time voting multiple times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, attacking health clinics in Republican-governed states, throwing roadblocks at voting booths with unnecessary identification laws, voting against food aid for the poor, starting unfunded wars, spending billions on infrastructure in Iraq and Afghanistan while neglecting ours, attacking teachers while under funding education, allowing corporations and rich individuals to avoid taxation, and on and on?

What, if anything, has the current Republican Party done for American people -- for most of us? Nothing.

The Republican Party has crashed on the rocks of its own hubris, arrogantly pointing at President Obama and democrats for deficit spending it started, the Great Recession it created, the wars it didn't finish, health care it neglected and immigration reform it denounces. Wouldn't it be nice if Republicans tried to help solve problems they largely helped create instead of blaming others?

Bill Kelley