Letter: Party interests have priority



What do our Republican Party and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood have in common? A willingness to bring down their respective nations to further party interests.

Nearly 13 million people visit Egypt each year, providing approximately $11 billion in revenues. Having lost power in a coup because their democratically elected leader, Mohammed Morsi, attempted to rule undemocratically, the Brotherhood now threatens that economically critical tourism by making Egypt too dangerous to visit. Without that revenue, Egyptians face a dismal economic future.

Then the finger-pointing will begin.

Our own Republican Party has stopped government from functioning. Like the Brotherhood, their goal is to wreck the nation politically, socially and economically, bringing misery to as many people as possible, then blaming the administration for the damage.

Republicans have been successful up to now, though it seems that Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., has had enough of their obstruction. Reid threatened successfully to eliminate their tactic of filibustering everything the administration proposes even when those proposals originated in Republican political circles.

We need to stop voting for Republican candidates and send them the message that the tactics used by religious fanatics in the Muslim world have no place in American politics.

Will they get it? Religious fanatics never do.

Joel Littauer