Letter: Third bridge idea is folly



Talk of building a third bridge instead of replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge is blowing smoke from a pipe dream. The cost of building a third bridge is dwarfed by the cost of building new freeways and interchanges to connect to it. If you thought getting the Columbia River Crossing through the political process was hard, just imagine paving over subdivisions and businesses.

The third bridge idea does not solve the three problems the CRC project tried to address. The I-5 bridge is near the end of its functional life and would still need to be replaced. Also a bridge at 192nd Avenue or at Woodland/Kalama, as suggested in John A. Nyberg’s July 18 letter, “New ideas for river crossing,” would not relieve commuter congestion at rush hour. And we would still have bridge lifts on I-5.

Ken Earlywine