Letter: Why restrict public’s use of parks?



Are liberal/progressives really liberal or progressive? What does the word “liberal” mean? Not restricted; bestowing in a large and noble way; generous. What does the word “progressive” mean? That which moves forward; advancing; opposed to retrograde, a backward direction.

Apply these terms to the issue of entrance fees to our county parks. There are many complaining that the action of our Clark County commissioners to remove these fees is backward and will hurt the county coffers. However, what is the purpose of having these county parks? Is it for income to grow a larger bureaucracy? Or is that purpose to give the people of this county a wonderful experience of their environment, in nature, for all to enjoy?

Who really pays for these parks? Is it not the property taxpayers? Are these not “public” parks for the use of the public or only for those who have the means to pay that user fee? What do we want to do: restrict or encourage the public’s use of their own parks? There seems to be a great deal of elitism involved in the opposition of free county parks. That seems neither liberal nor progressive.

Pauline Warren