Letter: CRC adds to congestion



The Skagit River bridge collapse does not change my opinion of the Columbia River Crossing. It is a colossal waste of money and won’t solve the primary problem traffic congestion.

I can remember in the early 1970s, in order to sell the concept to build I-205, a route to circumvent the urban core area of Vancouver and Portland, the current location was created. Now the CRC promoters are doing the reverse by expanding and increasing the traffic in the downtowns. I like the 1970s bureaucrats better than the current ones.

Also we had a form of light rail 75 years ago and it got replaced by buses that, in turn, were replaced by the automobile. Why go back to a proven obsolete and undesirable mode of transportation? The bus and the car are far more economical and convenient. Light rail needs the buses and the cars on both ends anyway.

The CRC only adds to the parking lot called I-5.

Chuck Mason