Letter: What do food-labeling foes fear?



More than 90 percent of Americans support labeling of genetically engineered foods. More than one million Americans have signed an FDA petition to label it. Food corporations have made it clear: they do not care what the majority of their customers want. They prefer to keep their customers in the dark about whether or not the food they buy includes genetically engineered ingredients.

The corporate coalition spent nearly $50 million to stop labeling in California, charging that it would raise grocery bills. What does it cost when they change to “new and improved,” “crunchier,” “cheesier”? Don’t they know what is in their products?

Actually, growers, who have to sign a contract when they buy genetically engineered seeds, would supply certification to the buyer of the crop, and that certification would follow wherever the product went. No analyzing involved. This is similar to agricultural supply procedures already in use.

Monsanto is lobbying its congressional allies to attach one or more amendments to the 2013 Farm Bill that would prohibit states from requiring labels on GE foods. What are they afraid of? Why is their research a secret?

Would they lie to you? Read about Monsanto and their business practices at Prison Planet and Nation of Change.

Nicole Ward