Letter: Press won’t report intolerance




Leonard Pitt’s June 3 column, “Boy Scouts’ decision on gays is nothing to celebrate,” shows religious tolerance is disappearing in the United States. Reports on homosexuals wanting to force themselves into the privately led Boy Scout organization shows that compromise on this issue will be met with contempt and disdain. While Scouts have not allowed homosexuals to join the organization in the past, they showed willingness to allow Scout-age homosexuals into the organization, but not adults. This was met with outrage. Activist homosexuals now have a scorched-earth policy that whoever disagrees with them on any issue will be sued, boycotted and ridiculed.

Due to religious beliefs, owners of businesses are being sued if they do not wish to sell or rent items (i.e. flowers, photography, reception areas, etc) that go toward a homosexual marriage.

In our state, if you sign an initiative to uphold marriage as between one woman and one man, the courts (for the first time ever) will allow your signature to go on public records. These are tactics to create fear and bullying. This intolerance is shameful, but you will not read about it from the liberal lemmings in the press.

Tom Tangen