Talking Points: One way or another, A-Rod will pay




Alex Rodriguez is cheap.

And now, it appears, he is going to pay.

According to reports, A-Rod did not want to give a little of the $353,416,252 he has earned in his career to a guy who needed some money for his legal defense.

That guy figured without a legal defense maybe instead he should work with prosecutors.

That is how A-Rod and perhaps dozens more players could be outed as performance enhancing drug cheats.

Our guess is if the guy had asked the other players for help, they might have realized the wisdom of keeping such a guy happy.

Of course, we’re not sure this happened, but the Daily News in New York has a source.

Our guess is A-Rod is not real popular with his peers.What could go wrong here?


The U.S. Ski team is asking any and all who dare to make videos of themselves trying aerial stunts, in an effort to find the next great freestyle skier.

No danger in this whatsoever.

We’re pretty sure Major League Baseball players hope A-Rod gives it a try.


We’ve all heard the expression, “I’m taking my ball and going home!” when describing an athlete who is whining about one thing or another. Well, a tennis player just said: “I’m taking my racket and getting out of here!”

A player walked off the court after the first set of the high school state title match in New Hampshire because, she said, she was being heckled by the crowd.

Oh, there is so much wrong with this, from so many involved.

If she was being heckled — in a high school tennis match! — shame on the hecklers. And where were tournament directors to monitor the crowd?

Then there is the athlete giving in, letting the hecklers win. My guess is she will regret this moment in her life.