Letter: Burden will continue to rise



I read with interest the June 1 story “Medicare fund looks better, Social Security no worse.” Social Security will continue to be overburdened with the advent of the baby boomers and future generations.

The scale of the advancement of the rates for Social Security and the changes to Medicare rules requires we pay more for both premiums and service. While all this is going on, if you read the obituaries every day and note the ages of individuals who are deceased, you might notice that many are under the age of 62. And there are people who pay into Social Security but don’t fulfill the 40 units required to ever earn benefits from that program when they retire.

So between the early deaths and people who invest in other entitlements (police, firefighters, railroad retirement, etc.) what happens to all those funds invested under Social Security but never tapped by its recipients? Over the span of 50 years that must become a bundle. Yet, they mess with the fund and say it’s overburdened.

My husband paid into Social Security for 15 years of his life but not enough to draw on it at age 62. He paid into railroad retirement so he never recouped a dime out of Social Security.

Donna McGrew