Letter: Increase traffic-law enforcement



Here’s a quiz for drivers.

Speed limit signs mean:

A. Maximum speed.

B. Minimum speed.

Yellow traffic signal means:

A. Prepare to stop.

B. Hurry through before the light turns red.

Yellow flashing signal means:

A. Pedestrians may be crossing.

B. A malfunctioning signal.

Judging by today’s standards used by drivers, “B” appears to be the answer.

What if both the city police and sheriff’s department were to form a unit of six unmarked cars with a minimum amount of equipment to patrol their respective areas. They should be able to issue enough tickets (no warnings) to cover 100 percent of the cost of operations, maintenance and wages.

Every day, I witness many speeders, tailgaters, red light and stop sign runners, people not yielding to the right-of-way and not signaling their intentions, etc. Also, start enforcing state laws for bumper heights and window tinting.

Each infraction could require a flat fine of $100. Each officer should be able to issue at least eight citations per shift per day.

These proposals for enforcing the law will make it safer for all concerned and reduce accidents. Please, everyone, obey all of our driving laws for your safety and mine.

John A. Nyberg