Letter: Madore’s governing is too extreme



I have to hand it to Clark County Commissioner David Madore, he knows how to woo the voters. This week’s Columbian photo of him dancing with seniors is a good example. Can a picture of him kissing a baby be far behind?

Madore asked voters to “give me a chance” when he was running for office, and we have. However, for my way of thinking, he’s proven much too extreme in the governing actions that he actually takes vs. what he says in public. I hope that I’ll have the chance to vote for his recall.

The upcoming freeholder election is a chance for the local Republican Party to show its independence from the extremist element that now controls it. I know there are at least a few Republicans that are cringing at the thought of having to support the current leadership. Folks, you don’t have to support this version of the Republican Party.

Marc Boldt, a Republican, was voted out of office mainly because he had the nerve to go against the Madore-led version of the party.

Now that his successor has shown his true political colors, it’s time for more traditional-thinking Republicans to show some independent thought by voting to elect freeholders who take a more conservative approach.

Kevin J. McCann