‘Fuzzy dog’ turns out to be a black bear

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



When Daniella Mathews pulled up to her home near Heritage High School on Wednesday night, she thought there was a large, fuzzy dog in her front yard. As the 18-year-old drove closer in her white Honda Civic, she found the “dog” in the driveway was a black bear.

Neighbors say the bear came from the direction of the high school before stopping at the Mathews’ residence, 8409 N.E. 126th Ave. Spotting Daniella, the bear barreled down Northeast 126th toward Northeast 86th Street, while she followed it in her car, videotaping the whole thing on her cellphone camera.

Her mother, Laura, said the bear went into a neighbor’s yard, hopped the fence and then another fence in the backyard. Laura Mathews said she assumes the bear went into a nearby rock quarry for the night.

After she talked with some neighbors, they called Clark County Animal Control and Prevention.