Letter: GMO infiltration corrupts our food



Partisanship corrupts the human brain. Some people feel giving up our biodiversity to cross-contamination and ultimately total control of the food is OK.

Personally, I see it as a death knell. If you don’t understand the science, then there is no hope for you.

Monsanto devised Roundup brand pesticides and Roundup-resistant strains, and then forces farmers to sign a pact with them (the devil, in my opinion) that certain seeds are all they will plant. If the farmers rebel, they get sued for breaking a contract.

I’m an organic gardener of more than 30 years and sharer of seeds and I know any genetically modified organism is a bad, bad idea.

Monsanto and its affiliates are so huge that the only way to fight for our seed stock and diversity is to fight these bullies.

First and foremost, fight by paying attention to what you buy and what you slip between your lips and into your gut.

It’s that simple. The people of the world need to come together and America is lagging far behind.

If you’re a supporter of GMO, get over your own self and think for once about humankind.

Leslie “Skip” Enge