Letter: Religious doctrine has much leeway



I’m becoming disturbed and agitated by Catholicism. Officials of the church are moving in on our health care system by buying up hospitals with political tax-free money and imposing Catholic sexual reproductive dogma on medical patients in conflict with constitutional Affordable Care Act.

The Conference of Catholic Bishops has filed a lawsuit asking the courts to have Catholicism trump medical science with respect to birth control pills and abortions. If abortions won’t be performed at Catholic hospitals to save the life of the mother, that would include and threaten a huge population that aren’t Catholic.

House Republicans are writing legislation at this moment with an all-male panel whose members are deciding what kind of reproductive decisions they are going to make, and which women will have to submit to.

We need to have the IRS tax the church for their political activity and forbid their religious presence in our hospitals.

Yes, I’m an atheist.

Larry Little