Letter: Bridge news can be terrifying



I just wish that everyone in Clark County could have been with me in my Reno hotel room a few weeks ago. I turned on the 11 p.m. news to learn more about a Reno earthquake. The quake was no big deal, but as I started to switch the television off, I heard “Up next, I-5 bridge collapses in Washington.”

I thought “No, it’s impossible. It cannot be.” I was frozen. Would any of my family be on it? My friends? How many died? Did the whole thing go? I tried to use my peripheral vision to see if the message light on the phone was blinking with calls from home.

After what seemed like hours, the “bridge report” came on. It wasn’t “my” bridge after all, and no one was killed. I sure wish you all could have been there with me to experience that.

Linda Kelly

Battle Ground