Letter: We enable rebel extremists



President Obama declared that Bashar al-Assad of Syria has “crossed the line,” alleging Assad’s use of chemical agents against Syrian rebels. Obama is now publicly wrestling with just how to support the Syrian rebels.

I will apologize for President Obama’s ignorance of history. It hasn’t been that long ago that the U.S. supported another rebel group in a thinly disguised covert CIA operation to train rebels in the use of guerrilla tactics, bomb-making and car-bombing tactics — that courageous rebel leader was Osama bin Laden.

Our government’s influence was so effective that not only did the former USSR remove its troops from Afghanistan, we enabled bin Laden’s terror campaign against the infidel (the U.S.) and the expansion of jihadists, the creation of the Taliban and the Arab Spring.

Is it too much to ask that learned heads of state also learn from history’s lessons?

Peter L. Williamson