Letter: Flaws in bridge plan are obvious



I will never understand why so many Clark County residents do not grasp the negative implications of a new Interstate 5 toll bridge.

When Clark County residents are forced to pay the gatekeeper a high toll to travel to their jobs in Portland, many will choose not to. They will vote with their feet. This great exodus will cause Clark County business and home values to plummet.

Isn't it simple logic that record rainfall will bring record flooding? Isn't it also simple logic that bridge tolls will reduce ridership?

Have you noticed that the people opposing the Columbia River Crossing are concerned citizens, while those supporting it have a "dog in the fight?"

Have you noticed the propaganda booths at our local fairs and farmers markets that promote the CRC — who pays for that and why?

We are inundated with pro-CRC advertising because Salem and Olympia want a permanent source of income (tolls.) I believe the tolls will never be paid off as they were in the past because of clever new language.

Where is the voice of reason?

The congestion issue is laughable for those who have lived in other large metropolitan areas. Those who think safety should be the guiding light should also embrace a plan for 25 mph on the freeway.

For unknown billions of dollars, the day of reckoning for Clark County residents will be every day for the rest of this century.

Sid Sutherland