Letter: Delay in care can worsen results



The May 27 story “Baby boomer sees the light, and that’s bad” on retinal tears placed much significance on the symptoms of an eye condition that almost led to something horrible.

This story opened my eyes that, although symptoms might be minor, the diagnosis might not be. It reported of an individual who almost went blind a year later after he saw a black disk in his left eye.

The story specified that baby boomers have these problems with the common age for retinal tear occurring is age 50; however, there have been incidents of retinal tears occurring in younger ages.

This story also shed light on how insurance is extremely important in our country. There are multiple cases per day where the patient is holding back their painful, bothering symptoms that might lead to something terrible. Their reason? Insurance. Due to the high unemployment rate many people are forced to buy health insurance lacking multiple benefits or use alternative medications.

Although this man in the report has a serious condition with his eyes he is forced to take a treatment that is less likely to work than the treatment that is recommended by his primary doctor.

How can this problem be fixed? What is our call to action?

Nagula Subramaniyam