Letter: Obstruction to progress kills jobs



I knew it would not take long for Clark County Commissioner David Madore to pull off an outrageous policy move. Cutting the county’s funding for the Columbia River Economic Development Council is that move.

CREDC has been instrumental in helping bring new businesses into Clark County for many years.

Madore’s blind opposition to the Columbia River Crossing is ridiculous. The construction of the bridge will bring jobs to the county. Businesses will look more favorably to Clark County once a new bridge is built.

Madore spent more than $300,000 of his own money to get elected to his new position of power as county commissioner, with the intent to stop the new bridge. Voters must continue watch him very closely.

His latest move is to have a fee holiday for local developers to the tune of $4.8 million when the county cannot even provide enough sheriff’s deputies.

Recently Madore complained that the city wanted hundreds of thousands of dollars in permit fees for U.S. Digital so they stopped their project. The city fact-checked these allegations and found no record of this.

Hopefully the damage done by Madore and his buddy — fellow County Commissioner Tom Mielke — can be overcome when the voters wake up and correct a horrible mistake.

Lynn Brown