Letter: U.S. is behind in health care costs



Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler’s, R-Camas, recent “health care survey” was a joke. I could infer the Republican bias from the first question.

I am for the Affordable Care Act. According to the World Health Organization, of the 33 industrialized nations, the United States is the only nation on Earth without a national health care system, and our current system (pre-Affordable Care Act) is very expensive, and serves the least amount of people. And the costs are increasing at 7 to 12 percent per year.

Are the Republicans serious about this?

Please tell the Republicans in Congress to stop trying to repeal the new Affordable Care Act. Enough with their multiple times in voting to try to repeal it.

Can Herrera Beutler and other Republicans in the House and Senate do something else? After decades of health care costs spiraling upwards dramatically every year, Americans deserve a break.

Enough is enough.

Michael Gary