Letter: Light rail is unnecessary



The Columbia River Crossing debate is not about a new bridge, it is about light rail. The existing bridge is old and may need to be replaced, but to replace one three-lane (through traffic, excluding exit and entry lanes) bridge with another that would have a height restriction is wrong.

The light rail cars can’t climb or descend more than a 3 percent grade so large ship traffic could be restricted, and three major businesses upstream of the bridge are affected by the height restriction, possibly reducing jobs for Vancouver workers. Remember, light rail has been voted down here in the past; it is not wanted nor needed.

TriMet costs are so high, they’ve had to raise fees and yet they are still able to recently give raises. Forty-nine TriMet nonunion employees make more than $100,000 a year already.

I disagree with the bridge project. The complex light rail may take several years to build so it would disrupt businesses and cause many inconveniences in downtown Vancouver. Light rail is totally unnecessary.

Liwen Boesch