Letter: Actions appear unprincipled



One oath of office apparently wasn’t enough for David Madore. In addition to the standard form, he also signed and filed with the auditor’s office a second “write your own” oath outlining some high-sounding principles, including to “faithfully represent the citizens of Clark County with truth and integrity.”

There’s more: “Asking for wisdom with a firm reliance on divine providence, I pledge to diligently, honestly and selflessly manage and defend the public resources entrusted to me to bless and advance our community. I will faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of the office of Clark County Commissioner according to law to the best of my ability. So help me God.”

So here’s what he’s done in less than four months as Clark County Commissioner: Flouted his own county’s (and company’s) hiring policies in the Don Benton fiasco; advocated waiving fees for developers based on only speculative-at-best revenue and cost-savings data; raided the county general fund to keep his campaign promise to repeal parking fees at county parks; and spearheaded breaching the contract with the Columbia River Economic Development Council, an action that could subject taxpayers to costly litigation.

We believe Madore has violated his own pious-sounding oath and deserves to be recalled.

David and Bobbi Olson