Letter: Simple steps will save trees



Imagine if there were no trees left. We wouldn’t have the oxygen, paper, wood, and all the other resources we get from trees. But, as important as they are, trees are being destroyed.

Who is doing this? Humans. We clear land for farming and make a ridiculous amount of tree-based products. In the long run, less trees means less paper. All paper products would be gone. Animals would die without their natural habitats. The depletion of trees is a big problem that we are currently facing.

If 30 families recycle just their newspapers for a full year, they can save 15 trees. That’s half of a 20-year-old tree per family. Recycled paper can be used to make more paper products, also resulting in saved trees. You can visit http://www.wikihow.com/save-trees for more ideas such as using cloth napkins instead of paper ones; making sure you don’t waste too much paper; supporting green companies because they will make a smaller carbon footprint.

Saving trees is very important. To help, you should reduce, reuse and recycle. Those three simple steps can make a big impact on trees and you.

Chloe Richter