Letter: Skewed results appear to be goal



Not long ago, I received what appeared to be a biased survey on health care reform from U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas. From the follow-up of letters to the editor, it appears others also felt this survey was biased. I wrote to Herrera Beutler and voiced my concern that the results of such a survey can only produce a manipulated and skewed conclusion.

I recently received an email reply from her with this response: “As the federal representative for Southwest Washington, it is imperative that I understand the opinions and concerns from our region’s citizens. Recently, I sent around a non-scientific survey to residents across Southwest Washington in order to understand their specific thoughts and challenges with the Affordable Care Act.” Non-scientific survey? Does she mean she sent out a survey knowing the results would not be an accurate representation of her constituents’ wishes?

Producing a good survey can be done in a scientific way if care is taken to keep it neutral and cover a good sampling. If Herrera Beutler does not care to use good survey methods, why is she wasting taxpayer dollars on them? I guess she just wants to mislead Congress and justify her own biases and prejudices. As a voter I expect fair representation.

Marc Chamberlin