Talking Points: Not that serious



Talking Points

What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


A fan of football player -Jonathan Stewart send a tweet to the running back wishing him well in his recovery.

Recovery from what?


But wait? Jonathan Stewart does not have cancer, does he?

For some reason, The Sporting News listed Stewart, a running back with the Carolina Panthers, under its injury report as having cancer.

Stewart actually is recovering from ankle surgery.

That’s a bit of a difference.

Hey, mistakes happen all the time. No real harm was done here. We’re just glad the fan notified Stewart, who then got ahold of The Sporting News.

The injury report has been corrected.


Viva Las Vegas? Not for Pac-12 college football fans.

The Pac-12 and Big 10 (or 11 or however many teams they have now) announced plans to play each other in the Holiday and Fight Hunger bowls. Besides the Rose Bowl, the conferences hope these two games become the next-best bowl games for each conference.

Which means the Las Vegas Bowl is probably going to be left out in the cold, or at least reduced to a really bad Pac-12 team that makes a bowl game.

That’s too bad. Bowl games should reward fans, as well as teams.

The Holiday Bowl is great and it’s a great location, San Diego. But in a couple of years, the Fight Hunger game will be played in Santa Clara, Calif.

Pretty sure most fan bases would prefer a few days in Vegas over Santa Clara.


Apparently, Russell Wilson of the Seahawks did not have to do much to win the starting job last year for the Seattle Seahawks.

Showing up to practice was probably all it took.

Ron Jaworski of ESPN fame has ranked Matt Flynn, now of the Raiders, as the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.

Last summer, Jaworski had Flynn at No. 27.

We are trying to figure out how Flynn went from No. 27 to No. 32 in a year.

Oh yeah, he plays for the Raiders- now.

Of course, Raider fans know Jaworski is still bitter over Super Bowl 15, when Jaworski threw three interceptions and the Raiders destroyed his Eagles, 27-10.

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