Letter: M&M = misguided mockery



Ah, the M&M boys. While musing on M&M’s misguided managerial maneuvers, I was wondering whether we were governed by merely madcap mandarins of malarkey or even maladroit mavens of mayhem. May I recommend moderate manners, modulated utterances and more measured machinations?

Mirth and merriment aside, the residents of Clark County should be focusing on Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke’s apparent underfunding of the Sheriff’s Department. Instead, Madore’s and Mielke’s new fee waiver will line the pockets of private developers. The public safety of all residents should not be sacrificed for the private gain of a few.

It is Madore and Mielke who are making a mockery of civic government in Clark County.

Rodger Stevens