$3M for Seattle-area man shot multiple times in bed



SEATTLE — King County will pay $3 million to a man who was shot 16 times as he lay in bed by officers who entered his Auburn, Wash., home looking for another resident.

Dustin Theoharis survived but suffered a shattered jaw and shoulder, a fractured spine and other injuries.

Lawyers for Theoharis say he didn’t have access to a weapon when officers woke him on Feb. 11, 2012.

Court records show King County sheriff’s deputies and state Corrections Department officers were looking for a man sought on a probation violation.

The Seattle Times reports that prosecutors declined to file criminal charges against Deputy Aaron Thompson or Corrections specialist Kristopher Rongen.

The settlement announced Thursday resolves claims against King County. Theoharis’ lawyers say it does not address claims against the Corrections Department and its officer.