Madore, Mielke guarding henhouse



Republican Clark County Commissioner David Madore and his buddy, Commissioner Tom Mielke, have reigned supreme. With their fee waiver, developers will pay little to nothing. Nothing for roads, sewers, police, fire, schools, etc. Why? Because developers are creating jobs? That’s ridiculous.

The term “job creators” — a title anointed by the selfish and self-serving Madores of the world to justify letting them pay nothing — is the smoke screen behind which they do their dirty work. Madore would probably like to just drop the word “job” and be the “creator,” but his arrogance hasn’t made that leap — to the public anyway.

It’s an “experiment,” Madore and Mielke say. Do we use “promised job creation” in the county budget now? The hard-nosed businessman Madore surely has a column for that in the US Digital budget.

They’re “monitoring” it. The fox is guarding the hens, and some of you hens voted for him.

Bill Kelley