Letter: Patriotism means following laws



Before I list why I do not like fireworks, do not assume I am unpatriotic or anti-American because I don’t like them. I am of a family of many veterans, present-day as well as many from past generations, and I also have many serving today. We have a flag pole in our yard from which we fly our flag every day, not just the Fourth of July. I am patriotic.

What I don’t like about the fireworks is the number of days they are used. The past couple of years, the blasts have become unbelievably loud to the point of literally shaking our home. Yes, we have a dog, and I don’t mind sedating her for one day, but not seven. It does make one think (or I would hope it does) that if animals are so scared, what are we doing to nature? Last but not least, I dislike the people who break the law. The fireworks are shot off at all times of day and night, as well as days before and after the Fourth. Some “save” them and blow them on New Year’s Eve. The times indicated by the law are ignored.

That’s why I don’t like fireworks.

Sherry Rusunen