Talking Points: Trade in those jerseys



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Fans who bring their Aaron Hernandez Patriots jerseys to New England team stores July 6-7 can exchange them for another jersey at no charge.

Another smart move by a championship organization.

Whether you root for or against the Patriots, the decisiveness with which New England has cut ties with the alleged murderer is more evidence that the franchise gets it.

What parent wants their kid walking around wearing the jersey of Hernandez, now?

On a lighter note, we wonder if the Jets might offer the same deal to fans who bought Tim Tebow jerseys.


It’s going to be miserable this weekend. And we don’t only mean the oppressive heat that is forecast.

The Cubs visit Seattle this weekend, and Jim Caple of believes it is a coming together of the two most miserable fan bases in all of baseball.

The Cubs (No. 1) and Mariners (No. 2) top Caple’s list, released on Wednesday, of the Major League Baseball franchises who have caused their fans the most misery.

The Cubs at No. 1 is certainly no surprise. This will mark the 105th consecutive season without a World Series championship for the Cubs.

But, as Caple points out, Mariners’ fans can certainly make an argument for being most miserable. Seattle has finished last in its division 13 times. The Cubs have finished last only 14 times — in 100 more seasons of history!

And Seattle is the only city with a major league team never to have hosted a World Series game. Only the Mariners and the Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos have never made it to the World Series.


Stat of the day: Seven former No. 1’s lost in first two rounds at Wimbledon. Through Friday, the players who beat them are now 0-5.