Letter: ‘Rockets’ red glare’ vividly recalled



In response to William T. Stokes’ June 23 letter, “Respect ‘rockets’ red glare’,” I am a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. In 1967 and 1968 I participated in full combat operations in Con Thien and the entire four-month siege of Khe Sanh on Hill 861, as a combat forward air controller. I personally endured months of “the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air” and surely believe I have earned the right to not have to put up with what Stokes considers his “right” to his “patriotic celebration.”

He maligns those who own pets affected, or not flying the flag, or anyone who disagrees with him as being “snivelers, whiners and whimperers.” Stokes would have you believe that if you don’t agree with his idea of celebrating the Fourth of July by “song, parties and fireworks” that you are “anti-American.”

I would encourage those who agree with me to respond to The Columbian and let your voice be heard. And furthermore, let your representatives know that you would like to see all forms of “bombs bursting in air” and “rockets red glare” banned from all of Clark County.

Have a happy and sane Fourth of July to everyone and every pet.

Paul Knight