Letter: Coal export problems are numerous



I’m opposed to the development of the Gateway Pacific export terminal in Whatcom County and any other coal export terminal. The Pacific Northwest is worth so much more than becoming a coal chute for the Wyoming-Montana coal mines (or any other coal mines).

Due to the horrendous effects of coal on our environment, I support a Comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement for the entire proposed project: from the mine, along the railroad tracks, to the coal terminal to the trip across the ocean to export site, and then on the effects of the wind returning chemicals to us. In addition, dust from returning coal trains, ships, barges, etc., should be studied.

Endangered fish, plants, animals and people will be sickened and/or killed by coal chemicals. Bees will not be able to pollinate if they are covered in coal dust. The agricultural damage is far more costly than any few jobs can justify.

Pass-through communities will see the damage: delays caused by lengthy trains, diseases caused by coal dust, the destruction of our communities. We will not see jobs except for the increased need for health care professionals.

Wind, solar, wave energy are all clean. Coal is only clean when left in the ground.

Sandy Wood