Letter: ‘No’ on Battle Ground levy, again



Here we go again. Battle Ground Public Schools lost their February levy and they’re right back at it with another levy on April 23. What part of “no” from the voters did they not get the first time?

Of course, we’re now hearing the scare-monger tactics and gloom and doom predictions if it fails again — and it will fail again. It will because people are tired of the incompetent school administration using our homes as the district’s charge accounts. They care nothing about homeowners, whether they be seniors, parents, single parents, first-time buyers, people underwater in their homes or renters who will see higher rents, as well as small businesses.

Time after time, levy after levy, we hear about the millions they need in order to make it. Where are all these millions being spent? All I know is the money doesn’t trickle down to the kids, and property taxes go up. I hope the levy fails again so the Battle Ground administration will have to make some hard, necessary and practical decisions, just like the rest of us in the real world have to do.

Gregory Jackson